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The Prime Story

Towards Boundless Possibilities

It was a risky yet, a promising opportunity courageously taken.

It was a risky yet, a promising opportunity courageously taken.

This is Prime Sales Incorporated (PSI) when it was founded in 1976. Embodying excellent salesmanship and understanding of every customer’s unique challenges, PSI timelessly thrives as a groundbreaker of strong and efficient supply chain and intralogistics solutions pushing us towards market leadership. 

Since then, PSI has earned its reputation in the industry to market only quality and reliable products.

This reputation has merited PSI dealerships and affiliations with leading international companies like Hörmann Group, Europe's leading manufacturer of doors and loading technologies and DEMATIC, a leading supplier of integrated automated technology, software, and services to optimize the supply chain.

PSI’s more 40 years of business experience have led the company to master the art of providing end cutting-edge supply chain and intralogistics solutions.

Equipped with competent sales managers and experienced engineers who undergo intensive and regular training, PSI remains adaptive and resilient to the changing demands of the market by constantly upgrading the skills of its core assets, its people.

In synergy with the right set of partners, PSI is committed to delivering holistic and dynamic services for an efficiently integrated supply chain operation and ultimately, bring about client's fulfillment.

PSI continuously explores every opportunity, work hard on, invest time to practice and master it until we have finally paved way for innovations that do matter.

Today, Prime Sales' journey towards boundless possibilities lives on. 




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