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Unit Load Systems

Dematic: We Optimise Your Supply Chain

Cost effective bulk reserve storage.

The RapidStore Unit Load (UL) systems offer an automated bulk reserve storage facilities in a range of warehouse applications. 

Ideally, this system is recommended for storing pallet loads of raw materials or finished goods.

Strategically, the RapidStore UL solutions are designed to deliver a compact building footprint while providing rapid, secure storage and retrieval.


  • Raw material storage
  • WIP and short-term storage buffer
  • Finished goods storage
  • Buffering and sequencing of loads
  • Automatic replenishment

 Dematic RapidStore Unit Load Machines


Fast, efficient, cost-effective light load storage and handling.

The RapidStore UL100 & UL1200 provide high-speed handling of unit loads up to 1, 200 kg in distribution centers up to 30 meters in height.

Its single mast design means a lightweight machine which in turn allows faster acceleration and higher operational speed.

RapidStore UL1000 & UL1200 provide safe and secure operation, 24/7, ensuring reliable performance and impressive ROI. 


  • Optional dual-wheel drive for optimal performance
  • Vertical double chain hoist requires less frequent replacement and can be gauged for stretch and safety redundancy.
  • Commercially available, state-of-the-art control components include the latest in laser and bar code closed-loop position technologies. 


Retrofit to a new automated Distribution Center.

RapidStore UL1400 RF is uniquely designed to be implemented in a conventional warehouse with existing racking system.

It has cleverly engineered forks with patented rotating geometry allowing pallets to be fully turned in the aisle for faster handling and simpler pick-up and delivery station design.

This cost-effective Dematic ASRS machine is suited for businesses seeking for automated handling of heavy loads up to 1,360 kg. 


  • Low beam position of 200 mm is ideal for auto-replenishment of floor level walk pick solutions, without requiring pits in existing facilities. 
  • Can be easily retrofitted into existing conventional beam and frame pallet racking
  • All serviceable parts are located at the base of the machine for easy maintenance. 


High-speed handling of heavy loads in Manufacturing and Distribution.

The RapidStore UL1500 is a versatile and highly efficient ASRS solution designed to handle loads up to 1,500 kg in distribution centers up to 46 metres high. 

The combination of an impressive acceleration and travel speed ensures high throughput safely and reliably. 

This ASRS solution is adapted to chiller and freezer operations thus, providing outstanding performance and impressive ROI in a range of retail, cold storage, food and beverage manufacturing, and distribution operations.


  • Available with two load handling devices for increased throughput
  • An optional person aboard cabin can be added for improved performance and easy maintenance
  • Commercially available, state-of-the-art control components include the latest in laser and barcode closed-loop position technologies. 


Automated heavy-duty storage and handling. 

Ideal for dense storage of large or heavy loads, the RapidStore UL1800 provides the backbone of your automated distribution centre.

This machine is remarkably strong and efficient as it can handle loads of 1,800 kg up to 33.5 meters in height.

Typical applications include archives, automotive and operations requiring the handling of heavy loads.

Akin to all RapidStore machines, the UL1800 has low maintenance requirements with all serviceable parts located conveniently in the base for accessibility.


  • Stores pallets up to three deep for high-density storage
  • Ideal for pick face replenishment
  • Allows pallets to be stored above pick tunnels utilising wasted space


Credits: Photographs are courtesy of Dematic