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Mini Load Systems

Dematic: We Optimise Your Supply Chain

Rapid handling of online stock for manufacturing and order fulfillment.

Dematic RapidStore range makes it easy for companies to choose their ideal Mini Load system.

These machines are tailored to meet height and throughput constraints and can be well-adapted to your modern storage requirements.

Dematic Mini Load machines are highly efficient ASRS solutions for cartons, cases, trays, and totes. Typically,  it is used in kitting, buffering, staging and sequencing stock in manufacturing and distribution.

Moreover, Dematic Mini Load operations can be integrated with a wide variety of conveyors, lifts and other transport devices to establish systematic material flow and full system integration.


  • Material storage and sequencing
  • Automated case order fulfillment
  • Goods-to-person picking
  • Goods-to-robot picking
  • Dynamic pick-face replenishment

Dematic RapidStore  Mini Load Machines


Exceptional performance in class-leading mini-load operations.

RapidStore ML10 & ML14 mini-load machines are the latest high-performance solutions for handling totes, trays, cartons, and cases. 

Lightweight, single-masted, aluminum construction ensures slick acceleration and high-travel speed, essential in any picking or fulfillment operation.

RapidStore ML10 & ML14 has been designed for high-end performance while at the same time, delivering highly energy-efficient operation. 


  • Dual element braced mast design reduces weight and maximises performance.
  • High performance horizontal and vertical belt drives provide industry-leading acceleration and precise positioning. 


Higher reach, speed, and energy efficiency.

The new RapidStore ML20's double masted configuration ensures stability and safe operation up to 20 metres at high speed,

Because of its lightweight aluminum construction, the machine can carry one, two or three load handling devices in single or double deep configurations.

With rapid acceleration, high-speed operation and the ability to carry multiple LHDs, the RapidStore ML20 is the ultimate Mini Load ASRS for flexible, scalable, and precision performance. 


  • Dual mast design allows up to three LHDs (Load Handling Device) on a single machine, capable of handling and transferring six loads simultaneously for optimum performance.
  • Dual element braced mast reduces weight and energy consumption
  • Dual wheel drive maximises performances and facilities long travel distance


Durable, reliable, high-speed storage and retrieval.

A heavy-duty, double-masted ASRS, RapidStore ML +300 is capable of handling loads of 340 kg to heights up to 20 metres.

Its lightweight high-strength steel profile construction ensures effective handling of mid-range loads in manufacturing and distribution operations. 


  • Can be configured with up to four LHDs (Load Handling Device)
  • Dual wheel drive provides maximum performance
  • Commercially available control components include the latest laser and bar code closed loop position technologies. 


Heavier mini-loads handled with ease.

In applications such as spare parts stores, machine assembly centres, and libraries, it is a common scene to see heavy loads carried in a range of steel bins or crates.

In these mid-throughput operations, loads up to 350 kg and 450 kg are common and it is in these applications that the RapidStore ML +350 & ML +450 excel.

Storing, retrieving and handling these loads is made easier by impressive single-masted machines along with a range of specialised handling devices unique to Dematic. 


  • High-density storage of trays and bins
  • Lost space above and below the load minimised to ensure efficient use of build space
  • High-speed extractor maximises throughput


Credits: Photographs are courtesy of Dematic