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Pick/Put to Light Systems

Dematic: We Optimise Your Supply Chain

Next-generation pick/put-to-light.

Dematic Pick/Put to Light solutions are custom-built to create a powerful combination of the durability needed to withstand any environment with the intelligence required to operate diverse and dynamic workflows with full transparency. 

The result is a light capable of providing you with the speed, power, and lasting strength to meet your distribution needs


  • Increase picking rates by reducing idle and walk times
  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Reduce errors: miss picks, under picks, over picks
  • Easy to install and train
  • Visibility of LED lights: 7 colors, 50 color combinations

Pick to Light System 

Lights illuminate where to pick stock for orders.

The Dematic Next Generation Pick-to-Light system uses one of 50 color combinations to direct workers to specific locations within the zone. The easily visible LED lights indicate the worker identification within the zone as well as the location and quantity requested for each pick. Workers confirm the completed pick by pressing the confirmation button, and the light switches off.

The digital readout can display a number of descriptions including but not limited to:

  • Product Name
  • Expiration Date
  • Slot Location
  • SKU Number
  • Special Character for Unique Picking Instructions

Put to Light System 

Lights illuminate where to put stock for orders.

Dematic Next Generation Put-to-Light system uses the light system to direct workers to locations and allocates product quantities for orders.

Put-to-Light systems are best for warehouses with a small footprint and efficient split case picking for bulk stock as well as great for seasonal items or items that do not have a long shelf life.

Industries that can benefit from Put-to-Light technologies include e-Commerce retail, grocery, pharmaceutical, and personal care.


Credits: Photographs are courtesy of Dematic