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Wearable Devices

Honeywell: The Power of Connected


Wearable Solution for the Dolphin 70e and 75e Mobile Computers

Throughout many enterprises, there are operational activities where we can see the opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce labor cost by maximizing a hands-free computing solution. Such as:

  • Small parts picking
  • Large package handling
  • Sortation
  • Truck loading

… any time two hands are required.

Before, those activities required using a dedicated wearable device and redesigning the application and the process to utilize the limited user interface. Now, there's the Honeywell Wearable Solution. 

Using the rugged enterprise class Dolphin 70e or Dolphin 75e mobile computer with purpose-built wearable accessories provides you with a new approach to enabling hands-free operations.

The large display, flexible touchscreen keypads, and modern architecture allow you to easily deploy more user-friendly applications to quickly gain the productivity of the hands-free operation.

The lightweight, wearable accessories provide increased comfort and improved hygiene over conventional wearables. And all components are breakaway for safety and easily swappable for left- or right-hand operation.

The system supports corded or Bluetooth®-connected ring scanners and provides a rugged audio interface to Honeywell headsets. All standard Dolphin 70e and 75e computer accessories, such as charging cradles and four-bay battery chargers, are available.

Find out more about what your business can accomplish with Honeywell Wearable SolutionsHoneywell has the solutions you can proudly wear. 

Wearable Barcode Scanners 

For Highly Mobile Workers

For highly mobile workers, gun-shaped barcode scanners are not always the best solution. Due to their bustling nature, a lightweight and durable scanning solution brings comfort and maximum productivity for these workers.

Honeywell ring scanners are simple to wear and use. They’re especially serviceable for mobile workers that need to scan barcodes while also keeping both hands free – for example, to scan and move boxes in the warehouse. Bluetooth® wireless technology provides freedom of movement from the host computer.

For added versatility, choose Honeywell SF61B industrial or healthcare pocket scanners. The SF61B scanner easily stows in a pocket for quick access when you need it. Or you can wear the device using available accessories, including wrist straps and belt loops.

Honeywell has the wearable barcode scanning solution to fit your needs. Check out Honeywell Wearable Barcode Scanners.

Wearable Headsets 

Empower your workers' voice with Honeywell SRX-SL slim line Bluetooth® wireless headset.

The Honeywell SRX-SL headset delivers the power of voice-directed work to customer-facing workers in applications like retail and home delivery. 

The SRX-SL headset provides the best speech recognition experience while at the same time, allows responsiveness to the customers. 

Honeywell SRX-SL Power Features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable for a full shift: Designed to be comfortably worn all day through a full shift.
  • Hardware designed with your workers in mind: Easily recognizes and triggers system actions. For example, raising and lowering the microphone boom can pause voice direction so workers can engage with a customer.
  • Innovative component design: The shareable component design allows for shared SRX-SL electronics, but single-user headband, saving on cost while ensuring comfort and hygiene.
  • Ideal for on-the-go workers: SRX-SL offers the best speech recognition experience with a comfortable design for all-day use in customer-facing workflows like retail and package delivery.
  • Integration into your systems: The motion tracker and boom rotation data can be integrated into labor management systems to distinguish between customer-focused work and inventory or task-focused work.
  • Map and track worker movement and actions: SRX-SL includes an integrated step counter that can be used to monitor worker actions and movement within the store or delivery environment.

With Honeywell SRX-SL headset, your voice can achieve more. Explore Honeywell Wearable Headset. 


Credits: Photographs courtesy of Honeywell International Inc.