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Computer Devices

Honeywell: The Power of Connected

Handheld Computers

Purpose-Built for the Task at Hand: Honeywell Rugged Handheld Computers

Packed in a single rugged device, Honeywell Handheld Mobile Computers combine the advantages of consumer PDAs and high-end industrial mobile computers. 

As convenient as PDAs, Honeywell devices are small and lightweight yet, they provide targeted functionality, a tactical keypad and improved connectivity, including industry-standard 802.11x Cisco® compatibility, and Bluetooth®.

Honeywell Handheld Computers features:

  • The latest Android™ or Windows® operating system technology
  • Honeywell SmartSystems™ device management software
  • Superior industrial design and ruggedness

Whether yours is a small business or an enterprise, the combination of simplicity and functionality in Honeywell devices make this solution easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to support.

If you're desiring an even greater simplicity, Honeywell Flexdock Modular Docking Systems provide you with a single docking infrastructure capable of supporting your charging and communication needs for a mix of rugged handheld computers and mobile printers. 

Looking for a rugged mobile device solution? Browse the selection of Honeywell Handheld Mobile Computers.

Healthcare Mobile Computers 

Solutions for Today’s Healthcare Applications

In the world of healthcare, data capture is deemed valuable but today, healthcare professionals need beyond capturing data. They need a device that can channel communication, collaboration, and real-time information sharing.

Honeywell, equipped with its knowledge of healthcare workflows and technology expertise, created mobile computing solutions designed for today's healthcare applications. 

In addition to Honeywell healthcare-ready mobile computers, Honeywell offers Captuvo Enterprise Barcode Sleds. They transform the Apple® mobile digital devices you’re already using into productivity-boosting healthcare tools – each protected by a disinfectant-ready housing.

Requiring mobile computing solutions to support your healthcare system? Explore the selection of Honeywell Healthcare-Ready Mobile Computers.

Industrial Cold Storage Computers 

Purpose-Built to Get More Done in the Cold

The extremely cold environment needs an industrial mobile computer that can withstand negative temperatures. The Honeywell Tecton Cold Storage mobile computer can manage such freeze. 

  • Fits end-user needs as a handheld or vehicle-mount computer
  • Large keys ideal for gloved hands
  • Bright defroster screens go from outdoor dock to dark freezer without condensation
  • IP65-rated design that withstands multiple 1.83 m (6 ft) drops to concrete

Learn more about Honeywell Industrial Cold Storage Mobile Computers. Find out why Honeywell is the coolest choice for you. 

Hazardous Location Computers 

Built to Thrive in the Most Hazardous Environments

The perils intrinsic in hazardous environments put safety as our supreme priority. However, finding devices that can perform the job done, both safely and effectively, in such dangerous environments can be challenging. 

Only Honeywell provides a comprehensive range of integrated devices for both hazardous and non-hazardous conditions. Honeywell non-incendive and intrinsically safe mobile computers offer seamless integration with your operations and other systems while reducing your training and support costs.

Make an informed decision.  Download Honeywell selection guide (pdf) and understand the right hazardous location device for your business environment. 

Important Note: Several of Honeywell standard rugged handheld devices are available in non-incendive configurations. Honeywell has provided the details on the link below:

Hazardous Location Computers

Vehicle-Mounted Computers

Today’s Supply Chain is More Complex Than Ever

The degree of supply chain complexity is on the rise thus, adaptability to these disruptions is crucial. How do organizations can effectively adapt to these? The key to sustaining your competitive advantage is derived from complexity management capabilities.  

Facing the fact that the supply chain is getting complex than ever, organizations need a mobile computing technology flexible to manage these intricacies to remain competitive now and in the future.

Honeywell Vehicle-Mounted computers have advanced the platform to meet the daily challenges and demanding work environments of warehouses and distribution centers. Now in its tenth generation of vehicle-mount computers, the Thor™ family reflects Honeywell extensive knowledge and level of commitment to serving the needs of supply chain operations of all sizes.

  • Powerful, flexibility and application-expandable solutions that help future-proof your operations.
  • Available with breakthrough innovations that deliver rapid value for your workflows.
  • Rugged designs minimize downtime and maintenance costs in the toughest environments.
  • Loaded with Microsoft® Windows®-based operating systems for simple integration and deployment.
  • Available with a variety of display sizes from 16.5 cm (6.5 in) up to 30.7 cm (12.1 inches).

Future-proof your business. Explore Honeywell Vehicle Mounted Computers. 

Wearable Solution for Dolphin 70e and 75e Mobile Computers

Throughout many enterprises, there are operational activities where we can see the opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce labor cost by maximizing a hands-free computing solution. Such as:

  • Small parts picking
  • Large package handling
  • Sortation
  • Truck loading

… any time two hands are required.

Before, those activities required using a dedicated wearable device and redesigning the application and the process to utilize the limited user interface. Now, there's the Honeywell Wearable Solution. 

Using the rugged enterprise class Dolphin 70e or Dolphin 75e mobile computer with purpose-built wearable accessories provides you with a new approach to enabling hands-free operations.

The large display, flexible touchscreen keypads, and modern architecture allow you to easily deploy more user-friendly applications to quickly gain the productivity of the hands-free operation.

The lightweight, wearable accessories provide increased comfort and improved hygiene over conventional wearables. And all components are breakaway for safety and easily swappable for left- or right-hand operation.

The system supports corded or Bluetooth®-connected ring scanners and provides a rugged audio interface to Honeywell headsets. All standard Dolphin 70e and 75e computer accessories, such as charging cradles and four-bay battery chargers, are available.

Find out more about what your business can accomplish with Honeywell Wearable Solutions. Honeywell has the solutions you can proudly wear. 


Credits: Photograph courtesy of Honeywell International Inc.