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Barcode Scanners and Scanning Systems

Honeywell: The Power of Connected


Purpose-Built For the Demands of Your business.

Having the combination of convenience and high-performance, Honeywell barcode scanners are plug and play devices making barcode scanning easier than ever.  Its industry-leading scan performance can make the most difficult-to-read barcodes look effortless. 

Honeywell barcode scanners are used in a wide-range of applications-from retail checkout, hospitals patient care, managing warehouse supply chain and even, in manufacturing. These devices are reliable scanners purpose-built for the demands of your business. 

Auto Cube Dimensioning System

Honeywell AutoCube: The New Standard in 3D Dimensioning

AutoCube™ instantly and automatically captures the dimensions of an object. Its an innovation product revolutionizing the science of dimensioning for the logistics industry. 

With AutoCube, there's no more manual measurements of packages and products. It gives you dimensions instantly, automatically and with extreme accuracy. AutoCube is:

Versatile:  It measures any object, of any shape – up to 40 inches or 1 m on each side.

Quick  It measures objects instantly, in less than a second.

Accurate: It provides an accuracy of 0.2 inches or 5 mm.

Certified: AutoCube is metrology certified for multiple regions around the world.

Affordable : It's a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions, with more features and functionality.

AutoCube is the ideal dimensioning solution for any company needing to measure packages and objects to optimize space. 

Learn more about  Honeywell Auto Dimensioning Barcode Scanners. Change the way you measure things.

General Duty Scanners 

Simple, Reliable and Affordable

Honeywell General Duty Barcode Scanners is the perfect scanning solution for small to medium-sized businesses intended for their daily operations. 

These devices are convenient to use – so easy, in fact, that no setup or training is required. They're an ideal scanning solution for tracking inventory and assets in:

  • Retail.
  • Library.
  • Tool crib
  • Back office 
  • Access control applications

Explore the selection of Honeywell General Duty Barcode Scanners and see which device is right for you.  

Handheld Scanners 

Built for the Task at Hand

Barcodes found in real-world-environments are not always in good shape. Some can be in poor quality and damaged barcodes.

Honeywell Handheld Barcode Scanners are powerful devices capable of handling barcodes of the real-world.  From retail-ready high scan intensity scanners to rugged, rubberized scanners for warehouses and distribution centers, Honeywell manufactures scanning solutions considering specific challenges and work environments in mind.

Honeywell has the right handheld barcode scanning solution for you. Discover which Honeywell Handheld Barcode Scanner suits your operations and have the right scanning solution within your hands. 

Hands-Free Scanners

Scanning made easier and more efficient

Achieve greater productivity with Honeywell Hands-Free, Presentation Scanners. These hands-free laser scanners and area imagers feature varieties of barcode scanning technologies-from omnidirectional scanning to 1D and 2D scanning. On top of that, these devices offer flexible mounting options for easy installation.

Honeywell Hands-Free Barcode Scanning solutions are capable of:

  • Increasing your team’s productivity
  • Lowering your operational costs
  • Ensuring reliable scan performance every time

Give your employees' hands the power to do more by using a hands-free barcode scanning solution.

Learn more about Honeywell Hands-Free Barcode Scanners and free your hands from scanning struggles. 

Healthcare Scanners 

Barcode Scanners and Imagers for Every Department of Your Hospital

Ensuring positive patient outcomes are at the heart of hospital patient care. While several attributes influence patient outcomes, the structure of health organizations and health interventions have great impact on the general recovery of a patient. 

To help health organizations improve their patient care system, Honeywell has unique scanning solutions and healthcare workflow expertise. Honeywell Healthcare Scanners allow constant collaboration and coordination among clinicians which is the key to delivering safe and effective patient care. 

Every department in your hospital has unique barcode requirements. Honeywell Healthcare Scanners has the right scanning solutions to match. 

  • “Hands-free” scanning helps keep the nurse's eyes focused on the screen.
  • The SF61B Healthcare Pocket Scanner is ideal for clinical workflows that use an Apple® iPad® or smartphone.
  • The Xenon 1900h healthcare scanner is ideal for patient admissions.
  • Granit scanners give you true warehouse performance and durability.
  • The Xenon family also includes scanners that work well in stockroom applications.

Your patients deserve the best patient care thus, your hospital deserves nothing but the best healthcare scanning solutions. Browse Honeywell Healthcare Scanners and find out which device can best take care of your challenges. 

Industrial Scanners 

For Tough Jobs – Including Fast-Paced, High-Volume Barcode Scanning

Tough jobs need tough weapons. Honeywell Industrial Barcode scanners are robust barcode scanners built for superior durability and reliability. 

Encased in water and dustproof housings
Rubberized to reduce damage from falls or tumbles
Specially built to address common challenges in different vertical markets and environments – outdoors, around harsh chemicals and rugged mobile jobs
Also perfect for fast-paced, high-volume barcode scanning

Honeywell range of scanners has the fitting barcode scanner suitable for your applications ensuring a great return on your investment and lowering your overall cost of ownership. From laser, linear image and area image handheld, industrial barcode scanners, Honeywell provides the top-quality selection for your industrial scanning requirements.

Explore Honeywell Industrial Scanners and learn how these heavy-duty devices are built to last. 

Pocket Scanners

Just What Highly Mobile Workers Need

On-the-go workers need a barcode scanner as agile and as efficient as them. Traditional gun-shaped scanners may not come in handy for such mobile workers so, Honeywell developed pocket barcode scanners

These pocket barcode scanners are productivity-boosting devices for applications in retail, healthcare, field service, and others. Designed to fit easily in the hand, Honeywell 1D and 2D pocket barcode scanners equip your workers with greater efficiency, safety, and agility than ever before but never underestimate these devices. Despite their sleek appearance, these devices are rugged too. 

Honeywell Pocket Barcode Scanners come with a ready to go Bluetooth® wireless technology for freedom of movement up to 100 m (328 ft) from the host device.

Browse Honeywell Pocket Barcode Scanners and find out the handiest scanning solution for your business. 


Credits: Photograph courtesy of Honeywell International Inc.