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Records and Filing Systems

Spectrum FileForce: Welcome to a better way of filing!



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Filing is a great opportunity area for organizations looking for maximum efficiency.

PT Spectrum FileForce is a record and information filing and storage system specialist. Established in Indonesia in 2006, it was born out of the collaboration of PT Spectrum UniCipta (Indonesia), and FILEforce (Australia). 

Today, as Prime Sales, Inc. ventured into a partnership with PT Spectrum FileForce, our joint expertise will help maximize the performance of companies and organizations by effectively channeling the flow of information with contemporary filing systems. 

Indeed, bringing in a better way of filing!

Filing Systems

Spectrum Folder- Double Hook

The most ideal way of filing where Double Hook Folder may be used for loose leaf files and punched files.

Spectrum Folder-Single Hook

Single Hook files with one hook and FileForce clip, and also side tabs for color-coded indexing. Alternative consideration for thinner files, compact and easy.

Spectrum Folder- Shelf File

The shelf files are no hook and with SpectrumClip. The shelf file is very suitable for your existing equipment.

Spectrum Folder- PP File

The plastic folder type, with SpectrumClip and also a tab for your indexing.

Spectrum Folder- Bulk File

The plastic folder for storing bulky items, important documents like catalogs, legal documents, certification and etc.

Spectrum Divider

Spectrum Divider is used to divide each section in the file, you can customize it to your suit your needs.

Spectrum OutGuide

Spectrum OutGuide signal the positions of groups.

Spectrum Box

The score marks in the box file are virtually guaranteed to never break, even after frequent use and the documents stored in the Spectrum BoxFile will remain absolutely dustfree.

Spectrum Code

Spectrum Code provides labels such as alphabet / number / months / years / colors. 

Spectrum Trolley

S-Trolley for carrying your SpectrumFolder, equipped with shelf and SpectrumRail.

Spectrum Personal Starter

A Spectrum T-Stand hit that helps to keep your files neat and compact with unparalleled mobility.

Spectrum Clip


Enterprise Content Management 


PT Spectrum FileForce provides ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software or commonly known as Document Management System.

The software they provide works with Digitech Systems ILC, which is indeed focusing on digital document software:

  • ImageSilo
  • Papervision Enterprise
  • Papervision Capture
  • Form Magic
  • Radar
  • Radar Print

Need help in improving your information management system?

Learn more about PT Spectrum FileForce Document Management System


PT Spectrum FileForce offers Document Digitalization Service that turns your hard copy documents into digital. 


PT Spectrum FileForce has the right solutions to manage your documents efficiently. 

  • ECM can be integrated with a wide range of systems (Hospital information system, ERP, Microsoft (Excel, Word), Email (Outlook) and Accounting system).
  • Solution for various industries
  • Management Document Hardcopy

Learn more about PT Spectrum FileForce Document Solutions. 


Credits: Photographs courtesy of PT. Spectrum FileForce