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Museum Storage Solutions

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Credits:  Peopling of the Philippines II by Gig de Pio  

Source:  www.

Traveling back to the time of our ancestors, until the time when the Spaniards came to our shore and invaded our land. It was a long reign but soon it finally came to an end as the Americans won the Philippines over the Spaniards. But in 1941, imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and started conquering the Philippines. Japanese occupation did not last long as the Americans came back to liberate Manila. Finally, as the war ended, the United States gave the Philippines independence. 

Today, Philippine history continues as the sovereign Filipinos run their nation.

With such great stories of our past and even of our present time, it is of great pride for us Filipinos that we were endowed with rich historical and cultural heritage- a history that we must remember, live by, and, above all, we must preserve.

A significant part of these preservation efforts are the museums we get to visit during field trips or recreational days with our families or friends. At present, the increase in the number of museums being developed in the Philippines proved to be remarkable. Most of these are led by some of the biggest industry players and even, by our local government units. It’s indicative that Filipinos from different walks of life are beginning to crave for a deeper understanding of our cultural and historical roots. 

Not only that museums hone Filipino's sense of nationalism, but also, they attract tourist from all over the world to showcase what Filipinos can offer. 

Yet, developing and designing museums require extensive knowledge and experience. Museum repositories serve as cradles of irreplaceable and valuable collections. The key to this lies more than just storage capabilities but in preservation expertise.

Bruynzeel Storage System, Prime Sales’ Inc. partner for museum storage solutions, exemplifies keen understanding and expertise in the preservation of historical artifacts. Having contributed to the success of some of the world's renowned museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and the British Museum, Bruynzeel’s presence in the Philippines through Prime Sales, Inc., paved the way for a world-class and intelligent museum storage solutions in the country.

Now is the time we start reinventing the way we save our valuable historical artifacts. These collections deserve the right protection and right preservation as these are more than just precious relics. These are remnants of our past and fragments of our cultural identity as Filipinos.

Picture Racking 

Every time we visit museums and gallery archives, we're warmly welcomed by beautiful paintings hanging on the walls as if they're waiting to tell us unique stories of their creators.

Precious art collections such as paintings must be well-preserved in specially designed picture racks. Bruynzeel offers three types of racks and seven different options as a perfect solution for the storage of valuable artwork collection.

  • Pull-out picture racks have the advantage that the paintings are easily accessible while space is very efficiently utilized. To view a painting, only one picture rack needs to be moved.
  • Mobile picture racks, also named Compactus® ArteStore picture racks, make optimal use of the available space by using a single aisle. The mobile shelving can be moved individually in batches, thereby utilizing a single aisle to access the collection and optimizing storage capacity as a result.
  • Fixed picture racks are used for transit, or for storage at temporary repositories and off-site facilities.


  • Picture racks are fully equipped with an epoxy coating.
  • ArteStore picture racks can be customized and made to order.

Rolled carpet racks offer an alternative functional solution for large canvases.

Looking for an efficient storage solution for your artworks? Visit Bruynzeel Picture Rackings Solutions or schedule executive briefing with Prime Sales, Inc. 


Flexible storage in one system.

There are collections that are best stored lying flat. Some also need to be protected against dust and light. For storage challenges such as these, Bruynzeel drawer cabinets serve to be the protective and user-friendly solutions you can rely on. 

Whether its CDs, DVDs or office supplies, medicines or valuable objects, there is an appropriate drawer system for every requirement. Bruynzeel drawer systems are available in various dimensions and specifications and can also be integrated with archive shelving, library shelving, and office cabinets. 

These drawers may be pulled out completely,  allowing safe access to the contents,  without the risk of accidental damage.


  • Standard Drawer Unit: For storing loose or packaged office supplies and smaller objects.
  • Media Drawer Unit: For storing CDs, DVDs, magazines and office supplies.
  • Multi-Functional Drawer Unit: For careful storage of fragile and delicate objects that need to be protected from dust and light.

Do you need a storage solution to secure your collections from damaging factors such as light and dust? 

Bruynzeel Drawer Systems is the ideal solution for you. Learn more about it or contact us. 

Special Collections 


Special collections require extra demands on space and storage.

Since archive facilities for historical collections require a certain level of temperature and humidity,  these are often provided with a climate control system. Filtration in ventilation ducts also plays a crucial role in ensuring that dust and dirt will not work its way to the archive materials. 

If the archive room is equipped with a climate control system Bruynzeel Storage Systems recommends the installation of an open storage system to allow sufficient airflow through the archives for preservation of documents and objects.

Gain more collection storage advice from the experts.

Visit Bruynzeel Special Collections Solutions or schedule storage consultation with Prime Sales, Inc. 


The types of construction materials can have an adverse effect on your archival records.

Choosing the right construction materials that are stable and will not emit harmful substances affecting your archival records is highly important. In historical archive setting, these precautions are highly advisable.

Bruynzeel Storage Systems has the expertise to minimize emissions by the following:

  • Installing steel front panels
  • Setting rails for mobile cabinets directly into concrete or emission-free aluminum floor
  • Selecting smooth or steel countertops for work and packaging tables
  • Using acid-free boxes for archival storage
  • Avoiding certain unsuitable finishes. Zinc white gives black spots and the surface is also not smooth and should never be used for storing books, for example, as it will degrade covers. Although galvanized metal finishes can be used, they should be avoided if an alternative is available.

Need expert advice in storage construction? Discover more about Bruynzeel Special Collections Solutions or talk with Prime Sales, Inc. today. 


Apart from ultimate space optimization, mobile storage solutions provide optimum protection for historical collections, fragile collections and climate-sensitive collections. 

Bruynzeel's mobile shelving has advanced features that support efficient climate control and archival protection:

  • Vibration-free movement: Thanks to the ‘soft start and stop’, which ensures the collection will not become dislodged or damaged during retrieval.
  • Night Park: At the end of the day, the mobile racks will automatically space themselves to allow airflow through the system.
  • Fire Park: Can be linked to the building’s fire alarm. When an alarm is signaled, the storage system can automatically close or open depending on whether you wish to protect it from smoke or open it to allow gas or water fire extinguishers to access the shelves.
  • Oversized object storage: Bruynzeel’s mobile shelving allows safe storage or large and oversized objects. Damage is prevented by an easy adjustment of the mobile stopping distance between cabinets.

Want to learn more about best practices for special collections preservation? Take a look at Bruynzeel Special Collections Solutions. 


Organize your space with Bruynzeel's storage accessories.

Upgrade archive shelving or office cabinets with Bruynzeel's comprehensive range of high-quality accessories.

These accessories are adaptable for fixed and mobile shelving or office cabinets. Be free to choose from different accessories types, in different sizes, to match your system requirements.

Brunyzeel has the complete selection of storage accessories: 

  • Storage Accessories
  • Drawers and Pull-out shelves
  • Labels and tags

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A functional storage accessory might be the missing piece.


Credits: Photographs courtesy of Bruynzeel Storage Systems