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Library Storage Solutions

Bruynzeel Storage Systems


Library: A Place to Meet and Discover


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Libraries are important cornerstones of communities as these provide us with access to a vast range of information that we can use for own enrichment. 

Libraries are a dynamic environment that provides us space to relax, meet colleagues and study. Bruynzeel Storage Systems offers a versatile range of library storage products for outfitting public and academic libraries as well as off-site storage facilities. 

Library storage is an important element in library design. Bruynzeel’s library shelving is available in various sizes and a range of finishes. The system is modular, expandable and can you can choose from a wide range of accessories.

Library Shelving 

Modern libraries are dynamic spaces, offering areas in which to relax, socialise and study. The contemporary library should be inspirational, while providing spaces for quiet reflection – a learning environment that encourages exploration, where information and stock are clearly displayed and easily accessible.

Storage is a key element in library design. Bruynzeel library shelving is available in a range of finishes to complement any library’s interior design.

Shelving end panels can be specified in glass, steel or wood, in a selection of RAL colors.

Aiming to improve your library storage?  Browse Bruynzeel's Library Shelving Solutions. 

Library Mobile Shelving 

Save space with library mobile shelving. 

When it comes to efficient use of space, library mobile shelving offers many advantages over static library shelving.

The mobile shelving can be moved individually or all at once, meaning that only one aisle needs to be open at any one time. Historically, mobile shelving systems have been used primarily in archive settings. However, an increasing number of academic and public libraries are introducing mobile storage systems into public areas, particularly where there is a requirement to set aside a significant proportion of the library for study, reading and multi-use space.


Mobile shelving systems are available with two different types of control:

  • Traditional mechanical controls 
  • Electrical panels with extra functionalities such as RFID and PIN-access.

Does your library need a space-saving solution? Learn more about Bruynzeel Library Mobile Shelving Solutions. 

Library Accessories 

Customize your Library with Bruynzeel's extensive range of high-quality accessories. 

Bruynzeel's wide range of accessories ensures that all media can be stored in a well-organized manner.


  • Display Shelf: For the attractive display of magazines and periodicals.
  • Folding display shelf: For the attractive display of magazines and periodicals.
  • Duo Shelf: Duo shelving can be used for either display or standard shelving.
  • Shelf Stop: To create a stop at the front of the shelf.
  • Full-Depth Divider: Full depth adjustable bookend to keep books or documents upright. Available in left- and right-hand versions.
  • Bookend: To keep a row of books or documents upright.
  • Compartment Clamp: To keep rows of books, binders or folders upright.
  • Pull-Out Shelf: Pull-out shelves are used as a writing desk, work table or temporary storage of smaller goods.
  • Media drawer: Height: 140mm. Includes 5 divider bars and a non-skid tray.
  • Media tray: Height: 140mm. Includes 5 divider bars and a non-skid tray.


  • Shelf Label Holder: Individual shelf identification.
  • A5 Label Holder: For aisle identification and labeling.
  • Bay Signage: For cataloguing and identification of bay contents.
  • End Panel Signage: Aisle signage. Suitable for magnetic fixings.
  • Aisle Signage: Holder for aisle labelling and identification.
  • Shelf-Top Signage: Holder for aisle identification.

Organise your collection with Bruynzeel's Library Accessories.  

Learn more about it today. 


Credits: Photographs courtesy of Bruynzeel Storage Systems