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Commercial Doors

Hormann Doors


Quality without compromise


Explore our world-class and ingenious selection of visionary and sustainable solutions for the commercial industry.

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For your hinged doors requirement, Hörmann is your competent partner. 

For new construction and modernization, Hörmann offers you doors for all building areas all from one source. High quality, color design and a wide variety of equipment options also characterize this program.

  • Entrance doors and canopies
  • Internal doors
  • Multi-purpose doors
  • Acoustic-rated doors
  • Security doors
  • Garage side doors
  • Fire door assemblies
  • Smoke-tight door assemblies

Steel Fire Rated Doors

Ensure you are fire safe. 

When you choose a Hörmann fire rated door you can be assured of quality, protection, and safety gained from more than 80 years of expertise. 

Hörmann steel fire-rated doors are infilled with fireproof board providing better fire and heat insulation performance. The fireproof expansion strip at three sides of the door leaf effectively blocks the spread of smoke.

The door leaf can be fitted with fireproof glazing and anti-panic functions when required and is widely used in the fire areas of construction zones.

Because of this, Hörmann fire-rated doors are widely used in industrial and public buildings, apartment compounds, hospitals and at airports.

Never compromise safety in your building and of its people.

Learn more about  Hörmann Fire-Rated Doors. 

Doors for Healthcare Systems

Doors for better healthcare system. 

A world-leading German door manufacturer, Hörmann has a long history stretching back over 80 years. With rich project experience and a complete range of door products in the healthcare sector, Hörmann provides one-stop service for creating a safe and comfortable medical environment.

In terms of door configuration and accessory selection. Hörmann has researched and developed the perfect range of projects to fit any need in the medical world. Hörmann doors are not only sturdy, corrosion-free and resistant to moisture and microbes, they are also clean, lightweight and convenient.

Hörmann door solutions are diverse and can meet a variety of special needs such as radiation shielding, fire protection, and accessibility. Hörmann is devoted to creating a brand new medical environment and providing patients, their family members and medical staff with superior comfort and safety. 

Find out more about Hörmann Healthcare Doors. 

 Multi-Purpose Doors

The right solution for all needs. 

Hörmann steel multi-purpose doors are a hallmark for high reliability and long-term value in a wide range of internal and external applications.

These construction elements offer long-term functional reliability from Hörmann's usage of high-quality materials and precision manufacturing.

As steel doors, they can be used in all those areas where robust door solutions are required: in non-fire areas of industrial buildings, commercial enterprises, public buildings and agricultural sectors.

Regardless of the scale of the construction project, Hörmann is able to provide an individual solution to satisfy all your needs.

You deserve better door solutions.

Discover more about Hörmann Multi-Purpose Door. 

Entrance Doors

Ingenious design and reliable quality.

The leaves of Hörmann steel unit doors consist of large transparent glazing and steel thermal insulated frames, which is sturdy and durable, can fully meet the requirement of interior lighting and provide good vision for safe passage.

Equipped with German-style hardware, the steel entrance doors can be used for areas with a frequent door opening and closing application in public areas.

For safety management, an access control system can also be integrated into it to meet the requirements of regional access control.

Discover your new entrance door. 

Browse Hörmann Entrance Doors. 

Steel Top-Security Doors

High security, sound, and thermal insulation. 

Hörmann’s steel top security doors are available in a wide selection of styles.

Thanks to high quality imported multi-point locking systems, these doors give you a feeling of security. The excellent infill material used for the door leaf and the unique sealing design between door leaf and frame mean that sound and thermal insulation are guaranteed to a high level.

The Best Burglar Resistance

Hörmann top security doors are equipped with multi-point locking as standard for extra security. The single-leaf door is trusted by 14 locking points, as 21 locking points for the double-leaf door giving you a reassuring feeling.

Good Fire Retardancy

The infill of the door leaf is made of a sandwich structure consisting of mineral wool+ fireproof board + mineral wool. The custom-built infill structure, specially developed for the top security doors, provides efficient fire resistance combined with thermal and sound insulation. 

Safeguard your home or your office from unwanted guests.

Explore more about Hörmann Top Security Doors.

Steel Interior Doors

Ideal combination of aesthetics and durability.

With the 40 mm thick door leaf for Hörmann interior doors, it boasts a light and quiet opening as well as good sound-insulated and airtight performances.

The surface of door leaf and frame adopts the advanced powder coating technology without organic solvent to ensure the features of environmental-friendly, colorful and bright as well as a lasting and durable surface.

It can be applied to a wide range of application scenarios including schools, office buildings, hospitals, and public spaces, etc.

Finding the ideal door solution for your application?

See more about Hörmann Interior Doors.

Sliding Doors 

Professional solutions you can trust.

Sliding doors don't need the space of rotation during door opening, and it is the ideal solution for the area with limited space. It's so convenient for the passengers to go through even for the disabled sitting on the wheelchair.

Hörmann steel sliding doors are available for manual sliding doors, electric sliding doors and electric hermetic sliding doors, which can be used widely for most occasions.

Looking for a convenient and space-saving door solution?

Learn more about Hörmann Steel Sliding Doors. 

Glass Doors and Partition Wall

Introducing a spacious and inviting feel to your home and office.

Hörmann partition wall is made of steel frame and high-quality tempered glass. 

It is an optimum solution for the space division of an open area, barely change any structure of the building.

It can provide more light and better visibility to make a bright pleasantly workplace. Optionally, plastic films with the decorative design are also available in order to build a relatively private area.

Bring in a spacious and inviting feel to your home and office.

Explore Hörmann Glass Doors and Partition Wall.

BiSecur SmartHome Technology

Convenient and secure living.

Make your house ready for the future – with BiSecur SmartHome.

With the innovative Hörmann BiSecur SmartHome technology, you can open and close your doors and gates even more conveniently. At any time of day or night, from anywhere around the world – by simply using your smartphone or tablet.

The BiSecur Gateway transmits the commands to the BiSecur radio receivers or operators via the Internet or home network. BiSecur SmartHome is also particularly secure,  easy to operate and can be extended to many areas of your house, such as lighting or electrical devices.

Experience the technology that opens entirely new possibilities.

Explore Hörmann BiSecur SmartHome Technology.


Credits: Photographs courtesy of Hörmann Group