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Archive Storage Solutions

Bruynzeel Storage Systems


Storage solutions that create space in the most sustainable way


Explore our world-class and ingenious selection of visionary and sustainable solutions for the commercial industry.

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Why don't we digitize everything? 

This is a question afflicting many archivists and organizations around the world. While this can be a good disputable topic, there are some simple explanations behind it. First, there are many types of documents and objects that need to be stored in a physical archive to held its authenticity. Second, keeping it in a physical form will protect these documents from copyright infringements imminent online.

Examples of these records are objects of historical value and legal documents. Adding to that, physical archives allow speed and accessibility to the records for some companies, however, deciding to maintain archives physically does not equate to stow these assets conventionally. 

Companies are increasingly relying on mobile archives to allow for efficient storage of assets. Mobile archives maximize the storage capacity of a given space, providing safe, compact storage as well as delivering cost savings.

Static Archive Shelving 

Use static shelving to access your archive material regularly. 

Static archive shelving is the smart choice for an archive that is intensively used by multiple people at any one time. With static shelving system, archive materials are easily available to all users via permanent aisles, avoiding bottlenecks in the storeroom all the time.

Bruynzeel’s Sysco ® archive shelving system is manufactured from durable steel and is powder-coated before it is shaped, ensuring 100% coverage.

This system comes in a huge range of dimensions, so it can be tailored to virtually any space. Bruynzeel's design and installation team can plan around pillars, ventilation ducts, stepped floors and ceilings – even existing fixed furniture.

Do you think this is the right storage system for you?

Learn more information about Bruynzeel Static Archive Shelving or contact us now. 

Mobile Archive Shelving 

Reduce your costs and gain 50% more space.

Make every space in your building counts.

Bruynzeel's mobile archive shelving systems allow you to achieve accessibility and space maximization. How is this possible? 

Mobile shelving systems optimize your space usage by using only a single aisle, nearly increasing the storage capacity of the archive at a double rate. 

Mobile shelving can be moved individually or in multiples, where necessary. Space-saving archives will help lessen your energy bill, impact on your carbon footprint and,  help achieve your sustainability goals. Optimizing space with mobile shelving will also mean lower costs for lighting, cleaning, and security, saving you money. 


Bruynzeel mobile shelving is provided with one of two controllers as standard:

  • Traditional hand cranks (Mechanical)
  • Electronic panels with extra functionalities, such as RFID and PIN access. (Electrical)

Considering your future growth, Bruynzeel makes it possible to convert a hand-cranked mobile shelving system to an electronic control panel whenever you decide to.

Is your space limited yet, you need to optimize a small storage area?

Mobile Shelving System is an effective solution for you. Check it out or contact us now.  

Double-Decker Mobile Shelving 

The ideal solution to maximize your archive storage if you have a building or storage facility with high ceilings.

Do you have a building or storage facility that is tall and proud? 

If you're planning to build archive storage in your facility, Bruynzeel's Double Decker mobile shelving is an impressive solution for your archival challenge.  

Bruynzeel's Compactus Double Decker provides four times the capacity of ordinary static storage. It offers the ultimate space optimization for buildings with high ceilings and costs less than the equivalent installation of mobile shelving across two floors.

Now, you might be wondering if operating Compactus Double Decker could be heavy? Or difficult?

Through a touch-sensitive electronic control, operating the system is simple and user-friendly. Plus, its 'soft start and stop' mechanism allows smooth and safe movement of the shelf without vibration. So, definitely, the answer to your question is NO. 

Regardless of the load value, the Compactus Double Decker sophisticated drive system moves at a constant speed. You can be confident that your valuable and delicate objects remain perfectly in place. As a result, the Double Decker has become a notable choice for museum repositories, as well as for archive storage.

The two levels of shelving are connected by a unique wheel console with the uprights running the full height of the system. The weight of both levels is carried solely by the mobile units on the ground floor. Top and bottom bays move together in one smooth motion along with the slots in the steel grid floor.

Clear sightlines between the two levels are maintained by the addition of a steel mesh mezzanine. Alternatively, some customers prefer to specify wooden floor panels on the double-decker mezzanine, which Bruynzeel will supply and fit on request.

On top of those features, you can choose to equip the system with integrated LED lighting, and further innovative features such as Auto Air Circulation and fire alarm integration. 

The Double Decker mobile shelving system meets BS 4971:2017 standards including BS EN15095 electrical standard, required to meet BS 4971:2017.

Wondering how to increase your storage capacity by 400%? Find out more information about Compactus Double-Decker or contact us now. 


Organize your space with Bruynzeel's storage accessories.

Upgrade archive shelving or office cabinets with Bruynzeel's comprehensive range of high-quality accessories.

These accessories are adaptable for fixed and mobile shelving or office cabinets. Be free to choose from different accessories types, in different sizes, to match your system requirements.

Brunyzeel has the complete selection of storage accessories: 

  • Storage Accessories
  • Drawers and Pull-out shelves
  • Labels and tags

Feeling that there's something missing in your storage system? Browse Bruynzeel's Storage Accessories. 

A functional storage accessory might be the missing piece. 


Credits: Photographs courtesy of Bruynzeel Storage Systems