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Prime Commercial Solutions

Solutions in Style: Visionary & Sustainable


Prime Commercial Solutions

Creating a successful mark with our pioneer projects for the commercial industry, either private or government sector, we realized that it's about time for our Prime Commercial Solutions (PCS) to go full blast.

More than ever, we're inspired to bring into the market a world-class and ingenious selection of sustainable storage systems, doors for various applications, office furniture, and work station systems designed for the future of work.

As we're now living in the Next-Normal, we strive for solutions in style for the present and future demands of the industry.

With strong initiatives from our global partners, we competently deliver solutions that strongly reflect our collective value for sustainability and visionary innovations. 

Explore our world-class and ingenious selection of visionary and sustainable solutions for the commercial industry.

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 Creating our mark in the commercial industry

Space-saving and efficient Mobile Compactus installed by Prime Sales, Inc. at the Commission on Audit (COA) office. 

During the early years of Prime Sales, Inc., providing commercial products was quite far from the plan. But when it first had a glimpse of the opportunity, Prime Sales soon discovered that offering commercial products is comparable to providing industrial solutions.

Industrial and commercial are different industries yet, Prime Sales' strength is to deliver innovation in areas where there is a challenge.

Prime Sales' journey in the commercial industry started with its former partner for industrial storage, Dexion. Way back then, Dexion is also offering commercial storage as part of its portfolio.

Prime Sales, learning about it, urged Dexion to give Prime Sales a chance to market its commercial storage products.

Determined to prove itself, Prime Sales' organized a commercial business unit and put it to a "one-year" challenge. They must be able to move the products in one year otherwise, Prime Sales would not pursue commercial solutions.

Despite a few inhibitions that commercial industry is not Prime Sales' market, Prime Sales' commercial team successfully proved that there's a promising market niche for commercial solutions in the country. Some of our first notable commercial projects were with Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC), Allegro Microsystems, and the Philippines' National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

From then on, Prime Sales' has seen the growth of the commercial industry coming.  Being one of the pioneers in offering end-to-end solutions for both industrial and commercial, Prime Sales has indeed achieved another milestone. 

From commercial storage, Prime Sales, Inc.'s portfolio of commercial solutions expanded as we have acquired new partnerships with competent partners across Asia and Europe.

With our continuous product evolution, it is our vision to make Prime Sales, Inc. the most comprehensive solutions provider of both industrial and commercial solutions. 

Creating a 'Better-Normal' with visionary and sustainable solutions


To continuously provide commercial storage solutions to the market, Prime Sales applied for a direct partnership with Brunyzeel Storage Systems. 

Earlier in 2019,  Prime Sales, Inc. officially became an authorized partner of Bruynzeel Storage Systems in the Philippines. This began Prime Sales' journey in bringing innovative and space-saving storage solutions in the Philippines. 

Bruynzeel Storage Systems develops, manufactures, sells, and maintains innovative storage solutions for archives, museums, libraries, offices, and warehouses.

As a producer, consultant, and installer, Bruynzeel Storage Systems envisions being the world leader in space-saving storage solutions contributing to a sustainable planet. In a world where space is a scarce and valuable asset, we dedicate ourselves to help organizations worldwide to use space in the most efficient and effective way to preserve their valuable documents and collections. 

The company’s head office and production facility are located on a single site in Panningen, the Netherlands, covering an area of 28,700 m2. The production facility is best in class through a high level of automation. Bruynzeel sells in ten European countries through dedicated sales offices and globally via a network of distributors in 50+ countries.

Visit Bruynzeel Storage Systems



Prime Sales, Inc. has been in partnership with Hörmann as its distributor of industrial doors. Working together, we have accomplished a significant number of projects delivering top-quality door solutions. 

Seeing that hinged doors have become crucial elements in various applications either in an industrial or commercial environment, Prime Sales, Inc. started to offer Hörmann commercial doors to complement its doors solutions.

For construction or modernization projects, Hörmann commercial doors proved to be a competent partner delivering quality without compromise.

Today, Hörmann Group is Europe's leading supplier of doors. Its headquarters is located at Steinhagen, Germany.  It has 38 highly-specialized factories in Europe, North America, and Asia that manufacture and develop construction components that are characterized by excellent quality, functional safety, and long service life.

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Understanding that every time distribution centers are constructed, along with it is the development of an office area that will serve as a support center for the entire operations. 

Prime Sales, Inc. seeing this as another opportunity to expand its commercial solutions, we started to market office furniture and workstation system supplied by two competent partners from Asia each with unique expertise.

  • Space Innovators is a one-stop office solutions company from Malaysia. With an expansive knowledge in interior design and furniture industry, SPACE had established itself as a front-runner in the manufacturing of Office Open Plan System, seatings and furniture.
  • PT. Tridecca Indonesia, a member of PT. Spectrum Group, is a design company specializes in office furniture and interior. Exhibiting its skills, resources, and experience in both Architectural Design and Steel Manufacturing Industry, the company established in 2009 with the identity of its own - a design-oriented firm with a steel mass production capability.

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