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Plastic Pallets

MahSing: Your Preferred Partner in Plastics

Pallets serve a critical role in promoting efficiency and economies in a demand-driven supply chain. 

Entering a warehouse and experiencing its operations, seeing pallets sitting quietly on top of each rack level may not be as striking as to seeing an actual forklift running around the area or an ASRS working like a 24/7  giant robot. But, there is more to these silent beasts that meet our eyes. 

Pallets serve a critical role in promoting efficiency and economies in a demand-driven supply chain. They are like the beasts of burden carrying and moving different types of goods seamlessly connecting manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and transportation and logistics service providers across diverse industries.

More than this, pallets are the first line of defense to safeguard the quality of loads or shipments traveling across all points in the supply chain. Pallets, of high quality and durability, enable increased shipment volume, improved warehouse, and transportation safety, reduced logistics and warehouse costs, and protect product quality against breakage or damage.


Understanding the power of pallets in a supply chain, it has become clear that making the right choice is critical, something that must not be taken for granted. Talking about making the right choice, preference, and purchase of pallets based solely on low-cost consideration is discouraged. Instead, end-users must anchor their decision based on their specific needs. The strength and functionality of the pallets must be keenly evaluated. 

Pallets are ubiquitous in the supply chain, however, they don't work in an autonomous system. Instead, pallets are part of a more complex integrated storage system synchronizing the racking system, material handling equipment, and pallets. Prime Sales, Inc. profoundly understands this framework vital to the supply chain. 


For 10 years, Prime Sales, Inc. has expanded its knowledge and experience as a distributor of plastic pallets in the Philippines. Within that period, Prime Sales, Inc. had the opportunity to work and grow with some of the respected plastic pallet manufacturers across Asia. 

At present, Prime Sales, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of plastic pallets by Mah Sing Plastics Industries Sdn. Bhd (MSPI) in the Philippines.  MSPI is one of the largest high-tech plastic manufacturers in Malaysia. It holds a strong brand identity and is recognized for its trustworthiness and reliability of its products.

As it is known, pallets come in different types each with its respective pros and cons. Commonly, we see the traditional type of pallets, the wooden pallets. Wooden pallets are known to be durable, strong, and well-matched for heavy loads.

In addition, wood pallets are also more economical than plastic or aluminum pallets, however, wooden pallets are further being challenged by some concerns in maintenance cost, international compliances in hygiene and food safety, scarcity of woods, logging bans, and some other possible reasons. 

On the other hand, Mah Sing plastic pallets provide an evolutionary change in the way products are stored and shipped. Although plastic pallets are considered to be more expensive than wooden pallets, it has distinct advantages compared to wooden pallets.

  • Mah Sing plastic pallets have a longer lifespan with an average of 50 to 500 uses. 
  • Mah Sing plastic pallets suit a wide range of material handling applications due to its flexibility in design and sizes.
  • Mah Sing plastic pallets are resistant to water, chemicals, and extreme temperatures and can be used for outdoor storage.
  • Mah Sing plastic pallets are recyclable and washable making these as long term investment and cost-effective solution.
  • Mah Sing plastic pallets have high resistance to bacterial infection preventing the likelihood of product contamination.  

Bonded by a strong belief that plastic pallets solution provide a promising evolutionary change in the Philippine market, Prime Sales, Inc. and Mah Sing are highly-driven to deliver these innovative solutions across different industries and to lead our market players to gradually shift to plastic pallets for storage and shipping- a sustainable solution, for a sustainable future. 


Credits: Photographs courtesy of Mah Sing Plastics Industries Sdn. Bhd (MSPI)