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Materials Handling Solutions

Linde: Lift Your Competitive Advantage


One of Prime Sales’ pride as a solutions provider is to work exclusively with the right brands having the right products.

For our line of material flow solutions, Prime Sales trusts Linde Material Handling as our principal.

Linde, as a global premium brand, is a proven technology leader with many years of expertise in hydrostatic drive technology engineered for exceptional performance.

Sharing the same standard of service as Prime Sales, Linde guarantees utmost importance in meeting customers’ expectations regarding safety in every aspect, low energy and operating cost, efficiency in performance, functionality in various applications and design for fatigue-free work.


Linde’s product portfolio ranges from warehouse trucks to heavy trucks and caters to all of the major application areas. Since then, it has also been developing and manufacturing electric drive systems for decades and sets new benchmarks of productivity and reliability which its competitors struggled to surpass. 

The hydraulic drive is an outstanding feature of the Linde forklift. It’s a Linde technology that makes these innovations possible:

  • Driving without jolting
  • Positioning down to the exact millimeter
  • Simple and precise handling
  • Minimum wear and tear
  • High safety


Because of its ingenuity in innovations, Linde bragged the Reddot Design Award in 1991 and continues winning the award year after year with new models launched.

To date, Linde MH, Europe’s largest truck manufacturer, has received some twenty design awards for a wide variety of models from its product range. 

Reddot Design nominees are assessed on the criteria of degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, durability, ecological compatibility and ease of use.

Reddot started back in 1955 and is now one of the biggest and most prestigious design competitions in the world.


As people and machines work closer than ever before, rethinking material flow encompasses the consideration of safety culture thus; Linde material handling equipment can provide the right protection to the right application.

  • Cold store application
  • Foundry protection
  • Explosion-proof zone protection
  • Dusty protection

Today, Linde is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of forklift and warehouse equipment and is a strong market leader of premium products in Europe and China. 

Represented in more than 100 countries worldwide, Linde is strategically placed in each country providing a complete range of material flow solutions. The company's international network includes production and assembly plants in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, the USA, and China as well as more than 700 sales and service locations including Prime Sales Incorporated in the Philippines.


Credits: Photographs are courtesy of Linde Material Handling