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Industrial Chargers

Battery Asia: Complete Range of Traction Batteries & Chargers for Electrical Lifting Equipments

SDC Industrial Battery Chargers


The new TP-ECO is a good compromise between price and quality. It provides an optimal charge through and advanced electronic control. It is safe and reliable thanks to the many controls programmed in the control card.

The TP-ECO offers the standard backlit alphanumeric display where is possible to read all the details regarding the charging status, errors, estimated time until the charge is over, etc.

It also offers the possibility to visualize the phase of the charge through 5 different colored LEDs installed next to the display.

Developed to offer a quick, simple and detailed visualization of the charging status and the parameters read from the battery.


The NEW "TP-ADV" battery chargers implement a reliable and innovative charging comes with a BMOD-T module comes with an electrolyte level sensor and temperature sensor installed onto your traction battery to monitor the whole charging process which helps to prolong your battery life and detect abnormal charging operation.

Using the powerline to synchronize and communicate between the charger and battery.


The NEW "TP-PRO" with the present of BMOD-T to monitor the battery charging process and enables the connection of all the chargers through industry-standard CANBUS network in simple "daisy connection" and local server connected to the internet to enable:

  • Complete Remote Access
  • Automatic Warning / Alarm Messages sent by email
  • Automatic Report Messages (Weekly-Monthly- Yearly) sent by email


HF Charger is an innovative line of a high-frequency battery charger with modular power design. It can be operated using either single-phase or three-phase VAC with 92% power efficiency.

It is specially designed for heavy-duty industrial vehicles and widely applied in materials handling the equipment. 

Main Features include:

  • Modular Power Design
  • High Efficiency, Optimzation
  • Global Flexibility
  • Electronic Protection
  • Tailored OEMS
  • Compact, Universal

Types of Battery that are applicable: Lead Acid, Lithium Ion, AGM & Gel 


The fast charger is a revolutionary traction battery charger, designed for fast and opportunity charging applications. 

Controlled by the digital board, equipped with alphanumeric display & keyboard charge history logger, programmable real-time clock and calendar, audible alarm and connectivity package, with wireless battery identification modules.

 Key Features:

  • True Universal Charger
  • Automatic recognition of different batteries with the battery module
  • Maximise battery life, reduces water consumption and maintenance
  • Configured to support applications of any type (conventional to opportunity and fast charging)
  • Complete electronic protection system 
  • Battery voltage/temperature compensation
  • Charging curve is programmable for any battery type
  • Enable usage with lead-acid batteries


The BPT is an automatic battery discharger/analyzer, designed to test the efficiency of industrial batteries of any type, voltage and capacity.

This equipment can be programmed to discharge the battery with a precisely controlled constant current, adjustable from zero to the maximum rated value while keeping the battery voltage under control.

While the discharge is in progress, the control board measures the total capacity (Ampere-Hours) discharged from the battery.

When the battery voltage reaches the minimum programmed value, or when the maximum programmed test time is reached, the BPT shuts down automatically, while the measured parameters remain available to the user.

The BPT is very simple to use and doesn't require particular training. The programming of the test requires less than 2 minutes and the operation is completely automatic.



DRR-P is developed for the need of a small and light power supply. It is equipped with digital displays for Voltage (V) and current (A). The Voltage and current can be easily adjusted by the two individual potentiometers at the front of the service charger.

Main Features

  • Freely adjustable current limit
  • Simulate a battery when fault finding on a charger
  • Assist to start charger when the battery is deeply discharged
  • Voltage and current levels to be read from clear displays
  • Power supply from 0 - 120V and 10A
  • Disulphate sulphated batteries
  • Save batteries that have been discharged for a long time
  • Freely adjustable voltage limit

With the low weight of 1.6kg and small dimension, it is very useful in-service workshops and by a service technician who works with batteries, chargers and forklift trucks.





Credits: Photographs courtesy of Battery Asia Pte Ltd