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Industrial Batteries and Chargers

Battery Asia: Complete Range of Traction Batteries & Chargers for Electrical Lifting Equipments

Could you imagine how troublesome it can be once your battery-operated forklift ran out of power? Besides the fact that it will hamper your business operations, adding up to your dilemma is finding a reliable and competent supplier. 

Lifting our clients' concern in terms of after-sales support, Prime Sales, Inc. joint venture with Battery Asia (S) Pte Ltd to complete Prime Sales' material handling solutions line. 


As Prime Sales' principal for industrial batteries and chargers, Battery Asia (S) Pte Ltd can provide the most comprehensive range of traction batteries and chargers to all brands and models of electrical lifting equipment. It also serves as a one-stop center and offers a reliable after-sales service.

Furthermore, Battery Asia (S) Pte Ltd is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier of traction battery for OEM forklift manufacturers including Linde Material Handling, the forklift brand carried by Prime Sales, Inc.  

As a traction battery distributor in Asia, Battery Asia (S) Pte Ltd carries wide-range reputable brands as a sole distributor and manufacturer or assembly for the following brands:

  • HITACHI Traction Battery (Formerly know as KOBE)
  • DUROXO Lithium-Ion Battery
  • SDC Traction Battery Charger
  • BHS (Battery Handling System)
  • Bolzoni Auramo (Forklift Attachment)
  • EASYFILL Electric Water Filling System
  • ASAHI Battery Water System
  • Megapulse First Aid For Batteries
  • Brighton LED Blue Light

Prime Sales, Inc. and Battery Asia (S) Pte Ltd strive collectively to deliver a steadfast source of energy, communication, handling, and safety solutions for the warehousing and logistics industry.


Credits: Photographs are courtesy of Battery Asia (S) Pte Ltd (BAS)