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Docks and Doors

Hörmann: Quality Without Compromise

With Prime Sales, Inc. over four decades quest, we have witnessed myriads of production and distribution centers. Over time, we have seen how their operations grow and thrive as technological innovations are sweeping the transport and logistics industry.

As we work closely with these companies, we were able to recognize the importance of loading docks and doors in their business operations at a larger perspective. Loading docks are more than mere back doors of warehouses.

Doors, on the other hand, serve more than just passageways for employees and equipment. Instead, these are vital components that will make-or-break a business.


Loading docks and doors are crucial elements of the transportation and logistics industry as a whole. The efficient design and the maximization of intelligent loading technologies are some of the key factors in creating a seamless flow in distribution centers to deliver the right products to their right destination, at the right time.

Understanding the dynamics at play, Prime Sales, Inc. tied up with Hörmann Group, Europe's leading manufacturer of doors and loading technologies, to provide docks and door solutions that are reliable and future-oriented. 


Prime Sales' partnership with Hörmann further strengthens and complements our cold chain solutions, one of Prime Sales' expertise. 

At present, Hörmann Group's headquarters is located at Steinhagen, Germany. It has 38 highly-specialized factories in Europe, North America, and Asia that manufacture and develop construction components that are characterized by excellent quality, functional safety, and long service life.

Hörmann has over 80 individual sales locations in more than 30 nations as well as hundreds of authorized dealers in about 35 additional countries including Prime Sales, Inc. in the Philippines. Today, Hormann's product range includes sectional doors, rolling shutters, fire, and high-speed doors, door operators, controls, loading technology systems, fire and smoke-tight door assemblies, entrance and internal doors, canopies, and frames. 

Having gained great expertise from various construction projects, we assure to support our clients from the planning stage up to the project completion making sure that we build nothing but only the toughest and robust docks and doors- quality without compromise. 





Credits: Photographs are courtesy of Hörmann Group