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Cold Chain Solutions

Cycleworld: Innovation in Insulation

Designed for a quick assembly and dismantle for site enlargement or movement. 

Innovation in insulation towards a sustainable solution in the cold chain industry.

Prime Sales, Inc. in partnership with Cycleworld, an expert manufacturer of the structural insulated panel in South East Asia, offers a prefabricated sandwich panel with polyurethane insulation as a breakthrough solution for cold storage units.

Striving for green and eco-friendly concepts for building and industrial projects, Cycleworld’s insulated panels are formed in place with fire retardant polyurethane using high pressure, CFC-free and use of HCFC 141B technology which results in a true ODP-Free (Ozone Depletion Potential) superior insulation and construction material.

Driven by the ongoing maneuver in consumer habit to buy fresh and frozen products from supermarkets than the traditional wet market buying, the demand for cold storage facilities and logistics in the Philippines has consequentially exploded. However, as the country witnesses the proliferation of cold storage facilities, the environment may also suffer from the threats imposed by these developments. Indeed, our cold chain industry must adapt insulation technology that has a zero negative environmental impact and strictly adheres to international environmental protocol. 


Having a clear goal for sustainable development, Prime Sales and Cycleworld continuously invest in product research and development to bring about only the high quality insulated products which are energy efficient thus reducing operation cost significantly and optimizing usage and conservation of energy intelligently.

Cycleworld’s sandwich panels are designed for a fast and easy cold room assembly. Its Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) series offers a wide array of applications such as:

  • Cold Room
  • General Food Storage
  • Freezer Chamber
  • Portable Cabin
  • Telecommunication Shelter
  • Refrigerated Truck
  • Other Temperature Controlled Environment



Designed for quick assembly and dismantle for site future expansion or movement, this integrated family of sandwich panels maximizes the design possibilities in terms of space and cost.

The panel comprises of two steel skin (Pre-painted Galvanized Iron Sheet – PPGI) that are bonded with high pressure injected polyurethane foam with tongue and groove joint system (FastFix 1000) or finger joint system (FastFix 3000) complete with a cam-locking mechanism to provide perfect joint and additional strength.

These specifications give the following advantages in cold room applications:

  • Rigidly and good weatherproofing.
  • Twice the insulation characteristics as polystyrene or other thinner insulation panels.
  • Better transportability
  • More cold storage volume for a given space.
  • Ease and speed of cold storage unit installation.



With Prime Sales’ more than 43 years of expertise in cold storage insulation systems and with Cycleworld’s highly efficient and reliable cold chain solutions, we assure our clients of professionalism and dedication by the team to create commendable results and a trustworthy after-sales relationship.

More than four decades of experience have given Prime Sales’ team extensive knowledge in different aspects of project implementation.

May it be a complex major project, an existing site with many obstructions, a project with tight time schedules, or even a small freezer requirement, Prime Sales stands unstoppable from developing optimal thermal building solutions.



Credits: Some photographs are courtesy of CycleWorld Corporation Sdn Bhd